How to Use Public Transportation to Enjoy Paris

For the millions of people who regularly visit Paris, there are numerous public transportation methods. The bus service and Metro provide access for the historic and cultural attractions throughout the city.

So, how is one able to get from place to place in Paris during the height of the tourist season? Here are some ideas for traveling in the City of Light:

1. The Metro

Most visitors to Paris use The Metro to access many of the attractions in the city. The Metro is much like the subway networks in many other large cities, and is a quick and easy option.

Those visiting the city can use any of The Metro’s sixteen lines to get anywhere in the city. Visitors who are familiar with underground transportation systems that operate anywhere in the world will likely find the Paris Metro quite familiar.

You can find your bearings by using the clear map systems that are posted at every stop. You’ll be able to plan your journey without much bother. Change trains at central stations, allowing you to quickly get to the stops that are closest to the attraction that you want to visit.

If you get lost or are in doubt about where to go next, stop by an information kiosk. The staff there will provide you with easy directions.

2. Reduce the Amount You Spend

If you’re visiting internationally, the Paris Visite Card is likely the easiest way to see Paris. It provides visitors with unlimited Metro access, as well as bus service in some situations. These cards usually cost a small portion of the price of individual tickets for these services.

These cards are typically available at Metro stations, but can also be purchased at many tourist information offices. There may also be special discount offers for entrance to popular Paris destinations packaged along with the cards.

3. Paris Buses

Bus services in Paris are the most highly effective in the world. Individuals who want to see the many historical attractions and cultural monuments of Paris may find that using bus service is a great way to do so.

However, purchasing a ‘t+’ ticket, which is what you obtain when you purchase a carnet in a Metro station, does not allow you unlimited bus access to Paris. This particular pass only provides you with ninety minutes of unlimited bus transfers, not completely unlimited transfers. You may be happier with your trip if you consult your travel agent about truly unlimited transfer options. Otherwise, consider contacting the Paris tourism office to learn about options available to you.

There are also multiple customized tour buses that provide specific packages for visitors to see the City of Light. These typically include tour guides, as well as admission to several of Paris’s unique attractions.

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