Why You Should Take A Walking Tour Of Paris

A Saturday Walk through Le Marais - Paris - September, 2016

So what would be finer than to take a walking tour in beautiful Paris, France? This should be on the list of anyone who wishes to see Paris. Although, it is not a must have, it is one of the most relaxing ways to see the parts of Paris that might be missed otherwise. Seeing landmarks at the walking pace allows for conversation to take place, facts to be learned and many selfies to be taken in a leisurely state of community. Tourists that share a walking tour will find a new group of friends or share more special time together if they are already affiliated as friends and loved ones. Paris walking tours are engineered to cover more venues in a more time conscious fashion. And you can find a list of the top walking tours in Paris on TripAdvisor.

Walking tours of Paris will bring people together who share a love for travel, culture, Paris, art, or wherever they can find common ground as a means of bringing them together. This is an amusing and pleasurable way to see the one of the most cherished cities in Europe. These tours can also be very educational for those who are in the academic mode in cultural and historical studies. Many will be exposed to the grass roots of Paris that they had never been able to experience from miles away taking courses or watching documentaries. Just remember to wear comfortable shoes, like the best travel shoes for women, dress appropriately for the weather, and have a bottle of water to stay hydrated.

There is a great harmony within the Parisian culture that is unique. Some call it an ambivalence that allows those who live within the cities historic neighborhoods to cohesively coexist. Experiencing this humanity that is a special quality in Paris will open eyes and establish new alliances and understanding. Sure, some may think that taking the pubic trains or busses to see the sites is safer or more practical. Yet, they will miss the vibrance of the streets, the closeness of the people who live and work on those streets and to feel the energy of the crowds that traverse the public walkways and streets. Feeling the rhythm of the Parisian heartbeat as a united force is much more enlightening and enjoyable on foot, in the opinion of the Paris walking tour guides.

As one passes from one site of importance to another in a vehicle, much will be missed that is the very essence of Paris. Walkers find the pace to be perfect for revealing one breathtaking perspective after another. Those views will certainly be unseen when riding a bus or a train from one special venue to another. Getting completely immersed and lost on the walking tours, is a form of ‘intoxication,’ with the inner beauty of Paris, that cannot be experienced any other way. The pedestrian way will uncover monumental fountains, charming alleyways with shops that are unavailable otherwise with books and priceless items that would become coveted purchases.

The true romantic will fall in love with Paris all over again when covering it on foot with well versed Parisian guides. It is right to seriously make plans to see the Paris, the city of Lights, while walking hand in hand with someone special.

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