How To Get To Paris From London

When you have a choice to make between bus train or flight to travel from London to Paris or vice-versa, which one do you choose? how do you determine what means of travel is the right one for your needs and budget? Let us find out here.

Traveling by Train

The truth is vast majority of people, especially commuters to busy industrial areas in and around Paris and London take trains on a regular basis. And most of them choose Eurostar train service, one of the major transportation providers in the area. Why? Because this mode of transportation comes with more advantages than drawbacks. First, it is the convenience of traveling by train that initiates the deal. It is also the fastest and most stress free option for travelers who have used other transportation methods. However, traveling by train is not the cheapest way available. Of course there are coach options if you want to lower the cost but sometimes, depending on the availability of seats, the cost may be relatively high. While trains can whisk you from one city to another in a zest, the fastest coach is also capable of reaching your destination within its scheduled time. Then there are slow coaches that would take longer than expected. For example, the one that uses the tunnel between France and London takes more than 7 hours. The Eurostar train service, on the other hand, takes a little over 2 hours from London to Paris. So, if you are not in a hurry and want to enjoy the convenience of a train, start early with this service. Sometimes, the service also offers return fares free of charge in order to encourage train travelers. You can then select your own mode of transportation once you reach the destination.

Megabus Coach Services and Eurolines

Absolutely not in a hurry to reach Paris center? Then bus service is the best option for you if you are on a budget. These bus services are provided by Megabus, Eurolines and a few other companies in and around London for those traveling to Paris. They also offer year round service irrespective of seasons and holidays so you can make the best use of your vacation. These buses come with all modern facilities and perks, such air condition, Wi-fi as well as concierge service upon request. Their schedules and fares are available online as well as on-site.

Flights from London to Paris

London to Paris was once the busiest aircraft route before the start of trains. Today, it is one of the expensive travel modes. Travelers choosing flights to travel from London to Paris make a very small portion of the market. And traveling from one city center to another makes little sense if you are traveling by air. However, the air carriers that were in the past when people used to travel by air a lot still operated between these two cities, keeping the vibe intact. Some of them include, but not limited to, Air France and British Airways. There are many other low cost budget airlines as well if you want to fly to Paris from Luton or Gatwick airports.

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