Areas in Paris To Avoid If You Hate Crowds

Sunset Picnic in Paris

Paris is one of the top places most people want to visit, at some point in their life. Just because Paris is a household name, it doesn’t mean there aren’t places you need to stay away from. That’s what this content is all about. Below you will find about 5 places you need to be avoiding and why.


This one makes the top of our list. Why? there are about 12 small avenues. They all go in this roundabout, meeting in the middle. When you do meet, it’s a disaster. What makes it a complete disaster is there aren’t any traffic signs. To say it’s a free-for-all is an understatement. If you are lucky to come out of this without any injuries, they say you can pretty much go anywhere in Paris. We don’t suggest trying it.


There is one specific time and season you don’t want to go. It happens to fall in the summer time, in the middle of a Saturday afternoon. The best place to see it is during the weekday, on a morning or early evening. Any other time is plain old tourist season. You will be standing in long lines and it becomes a headache, especially if you live here.


We state this specifically for the terraces. You will be paying about 10 pounds for a pint of beer, and this is in the smaller prices ranges. It’s not good for those of you on a budget. Please pick another time to venture to these places. The only upside to the cafe terrace is that you do get a first-class look at some celebrities going by. Unfortunately, this is where the good news stops. Your views will often be blocked by many rude people. You often have to pay with your life for this sort of experience. In other words, don’t do it.


Now, some of you might be wondering what is so awful about the Metro. We are talking about on a really hot summer’s day. It’s going to be way over-crowded. It’s going to smell. We are not kidding you with this one. There’s not going to be any place to sit. All the good seats will have been taken, even before you come along. The worst part about it is there’s no air-conditioning. It’s best to walk to where you need to go. Lots of tourists want to try out the Metro, because they have heard so much about it. This is not the time to do this.


Now, some people can’t hold it in. We suggest using a toilet in a bar or cafe. These public toilets are sort of hit-or-miss. If you don’t know what this means, look it up! Don’t pee in a car or metro area either. This is one place where it’s best not to follow the crowds. When you do use a bathroom in a cafe or bar, please buy something while you are there. It’s a customary pleasantry. Many will find it very insulting if you do not. Some of them may even give you dirty looks. Remember, this is not America. In America, we consider it an option of sorts. Over in Paris, they consider it to be good manners and part of the etiquette.

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